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Like Oedipus at Colonus, learn how to heal
both the pandemic and your own Self

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Official release of my new book:

From the plague in Athens to the prosperity in Colonus, discover the rules of healing known to the initiates and geniuses of ancient Greece


A revolutionary interpretation of Oedipus ! The recent consideration of transgenerational legacies in psychotherapy has provided the keys to a new understanding of Sophocles' masterpieces on Oedipus. As Tony Gaillard explains, Sophocles and the Ancients knew how to heal transgenerational burden (or family curses) and we needed to recapture this knowledge to fully understand the meaning of Oedipus' journey as he became the hero of Colonus.

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4 th cover :
Strange as it may seem, the family curse inherited by Oedipus at his birth has never been analyzed prior to this study. Going back four generations in the lineage of Oedipus, the author deciphers the transgenerational inheritance that alienates Oedipus until his discovery of his adoption and the identity of his parents. The crisis Oedipus then suffers appears to be a necessary journey for him to integrate his heritage, to heal and to be reborn. Tiresias explained: "this day will make you born and die at the same time."
The author shows why the cataclysmic ending of Oedipus the King, contrary to popular belief, is not a fatal outcome but rather a necessary ordeal which the hero must live through. The tragedy then becomes a catharsis, transforming Oedipus into the guarantor of Colonus’ prosperity. In truth, from the plague at the beginning of Oedipus the King to the glorious epilogue of Oedipus at Colonus, Sophocles' work is based on ancient healing principles. As we recognize the underlying transgenerational dynamics, Oedipus’ healing appears to be a masterful teaching of an extraordinary therapeutic model.
This book challenges some of our deep-seated contemporary prejudices. Instead of cutting our links with the environment that gave birth to us, as with the umbilical cord, in following Sophocles we discover how to be better ourselves by symbolically integrating our roots. This way of restoring our belonging to the world frees us from the modern need to dominate it or instrumentalize it. More than ever, we need such a paradigm to deepen the meaning of our relationship to the world.

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