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· family tree,psychogenealogy,transgenerational

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We are linked to our ancestors like trees attached to their roots. Their qualities and their DNA live in us just like their uncompleted stories do. Indeed, traumas, unfinished mourning, family secrets and conflicts reverberate from generation to generation, shaping the lives of the descendants.

Despite the influences of these transgenerational inheritances, the author reminds us that we are not a simple product of our past, nor just the fruit of our family tree. We can integrate our hidden heritage instead of having them unconsciously driving our lives. We can also rewrite the false or missing parts of our genealogy. The author shows how analyzing our ancestors' lives helps to heals all kinds of symptoms. Goethe already explained: What we have received from our ancestors, we must assimilate until it becomes a part of ourselves if we want it to be an enrichment instead of a burden. This is the first time an author has merged contemporary transgenerational therapies and traditional wisdom.

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