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Healing the Inherited Burden

· transgenerational,family tree,unconscious heritage,psychogenealogy,depth psychology


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill

Official Release of "Transgenerational Therapy" by Tony T. Gaillard

I am very excited to announce the publication by Genesis Editions of my book:
Transgenerational Therapy, Healing the Inherdited Burden.

Genesis Editions, 2020, ISBN: 9782940540426, 16,90$

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Kindle Ebook also available

This book summarizes twenty years of practice and research It is intended for both professionals and all those who wish to learn more about transgenerational therapy. It is the English translation of my bestseller French book, “Intégrer ses héritages transgénérationnels”.

Official Trailer by Genesis Editions

This book recalls the history of this discipline, from ancestral background up to contemporary most famous psychotherapist and bestsellers authors. With many therapeutic examples, this book will help you to recognize transgenerational legacies and show you the ways in which they can be integrated.

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As trees have roots, we have links with our ancestors. To a greater extent than we usually assume, their DNA and life experiences live in us, with both beneficial and pathological influences. Indeed, traumas, unfinished mourning, family secrets and conflicts reverberate from generation to generation, shaping the lives of their descendants.

However, and despite the influences of these transgenerational inheritances, the author reminds us that we are not a simple product of the past, nor just the fruit of our family tree. We can integrate our hidden heritages instead of having them unconsciously driving our lives. We can also identify and rewrite the false or missing parts of our genealogy. With many illustrations the author shows how analyzing our ancestors’ lives helps us to understand problematic conditions and heals all kinds of symptoms. Goethe already explained: What we have received from our ancestors, we must assimilate until it becomes a part of ourselves if we want it to be an enrichment instead of a burden.

This is the first time an author has merged contemporary transgenerational therapy and universal wisdoms. In his book, he also reveals how modern practices can benefit from mythological teachings, in line with the ancient maxim: Know Thyself.

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