• Starting with a 4 sessions round

    I usually propose to my new client to start with a first round of four or five sessions (flat rate).

    Weekly sessions

    After assessing the situation and the needs, when relevant, we decide together for continuing weekly sessions, regular (one or two sessions weekly) or intensive.

    On demand random sessions

    For all my former client, I also offer on-demand follow-up session

  • Online Counseling and in Geneva

    Over the years, I have learned the symbolic language of unconscious dynamics to help people to integrate all kinds of difficulties. I have taken the habit to look beyond appearances without limiting my view to the explanation most people are referring to - not being aware of unconscious realities. This is what characterizes my Depth Psychology practice. It does not only applies to psychological issues, but to our relation to life, to our destiny and to anything that triggers interrogations and catches our attention - as if something should be better understood if we don't want to face it again and again. In my books, I provided some therapeutic case that illustrates my work. But I also have used my analytical skills to unveil deep teaching to be found between the lines of mythology - see my analysis of the Oedipus' myth.


    My practice cannot be reduced to a method or to specifics types of symptoms. Reaching the unconscious is more like learning a language, even if there are specific difficulties dealing with a knowledge that is still repressed and/or denied in our modern culture. My practice requires creativity and adapting to every single person's situation. Metaphorically it is like sailing: you will not navigate similarly with a dinghy or with a schooner, whether you are on a lake or on the Atlantic, in a calm weather or if a tropical storm is announced.


    The counseling sessions, private and strictly confidential, offer the opportunity to freely speak about oneself, to put into words problems, to become more aware of theirs possible meanings, and progressively assimilate them in a profitable way. My understanding for the symbolic and unconscious meanings will help you to see things differently. Counseling sessions are about encountering yourself on a deeper level, a process which naturally triggers transformation and healing.

    * * *


    Conditions (rates, duration, rhythm) as usual in private practice, to be discussed according to each personal situation. Contact me for more information

    * * *

    NB: My therapeutic practice is not appropriate for everybody. A minimum of conditions are requested, such as the desire to heal and being open to changes, to be financially independent, and not being under the influence of psychoactive medication.

    18, rue De-Candolle
    1205 Genève
  • Online Counseling

    I use online video communication services for preliminary interviews, therapies, supervisions and training. Www.zoom.us provides an excellent free service for my customers who do not live in Geneva and / or during my stays abroad.

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