• Starting with a 4 to 5 sessions round

    I usually propose to my new client to start with a first round of a few sessions (flat rate).

    Weekly sessions

    After assessing the situation and the needs, when relevant, we decide together for continuing weekly sessions, regular (one or two sessions weekly) to more intensive when needed.

    On demand random sessions

    To all my former client, I also offer on-demand follow-up session.

  • Private practice, 20 years of experience.

    In GENEVA, #18, RUE DE-CANDOLLE, 1205 GE. (Centre Hermès)

    and ONLINE. More information by email: gaillard.th@gmail.com


    The counselling sessions, private and strictly confidential, offer the opportunity to freely speak about oneself, to put into words problems, to become more aware of theirs possible meanings, and progressively assimilate them in a profitable way. My understanding for the symbolic and unconscious meanings will help you to see things differently. Counselling sessions are about encountering yourself on a deeper level, a process which naturally triggers transformation and healing.

    NB: My therapeutic approach is not for everybody. A minimum of conditions are requested, such as the desire to heal and being open changes, a financial independence, being drug free, etc..




    As Goethe explained: We must assimilate the heritage of our ancestors until it becomes part of ourselves if we want it to be an enrichment rather than a burden.


    Without even suspecting it, we inherit the unfinished stories of our ancestors. These histories replay themselves in our lives and through situations that we unwillingly experience. Indeed, certain symptoms, or the repetition of certain scenarios, come from our unconscious transgenerational legacies. The symbolic interpretation of what is replayed in the present, related to the family tree, makes it possible to begin an integration work. To integrate these legacies, it is useful to be clarify and be aware of where we come from.


    I usually propose to start with a 4-5 sessions analysis.

    Online Counselling


    For people who are interested in my work and / or my books, online counselling offers the opportunity to clarify personal situations, or to energize and deepen a therapeutic work in progress.


    Experience shows that this work can be the expected complement to complete an analysis, or psychotherapy, even if left out for several years.


    After having spent many years of training and research on unconscious processes, I can now quickly identify the symbolic aspects that require to be made aware and integrated.

    I have a passion for this "problem solving" work, do not hesitate to ask me.


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