First free contact

    First contact (by phone, zoom or message) and arranging a meeting.


    Online meeting

    At the agreed date and time, you will receive an email with a link to our online appointment (very simple procedure).

  • First contact for free

    In a message (email), or by phone, you can expose your situation and what you would like to understand better and change. We can also discuss about the therapeutic settings, my rates (flat rate for the first 4-5 sessions) and availability.

    Distant work

    For distant therapy, you can pay for the sessions through ebanking (CH58 0900 0000 1491 2923 0 ; BIC: POFICHBEXXX ; Postfinance Thierry Gaillard, private account), or ask me to send you by email a request for payment by credit card (visa or mastercard), or by Paypal.

    Reimbursement by your insurance

    For people with complementary health insurance, my services can be partially reimbursed (since I am on the list of "Santé Suisse", the official association of social insurance companies). Upon request, I will send you a monthly receipt for partial reimbursement by your insurer.

    Online meeting

    Since 2017, for consultations, supervisions and trainings, I use the services of ZOOM (www.zoom.us). You can of course alternate between office and online sessions.

    Open a free account and I will invite you via email for the reserved session.

    Before the date of our appointment, please register for free on zoom (www.zoom.us) and keep your login and password. At the time of our appointment, I will invite you to join me on zoom via an email that will contain the link to zoom (you will need your login and password). To prepare yourself, you can familiarize yourself by adjusting different settings (video quality, microphone and earpiece/HP volume) and add me to your contact list. There is also the possibility to download zoom applications for Mac, Windows and Android.


  • Do not hesitate to contact me

    NB: I offer a private and confidential service, with a personalized follow-up.

    Rue De-Candolle 18,
    1205 Geneva
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